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Lenke Rothman

“It is within that we are alive or dead. And it is our inner capacity to live, which I am occupied with.”
Lenke Rothman, 1974
“I wish one could sense a pulse in the pictures, as when you look at a humans neck.”
Lenke Rothman, 1965
“We need to learn to see the overlooked, the apparently insignificant, and guard it.”
Lenke Rothman, 2008
“There are different types of inheritance. What you inherit within, is the the most important.”
Lenke Rothman, 2001

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Lenke was a creative artist working for more than six decades, from the early 1950s until her death in 2008, producing more than 1000 unique pieces of art. She used a wide variety of techniques and styles. Examples are seen here – and welcome to visit the Virtual Exhibition to find more pieces on display.

For further information, high-resolution pictures, photos without watermarks, or enquiries about Rothman’s artwork and exhibitions, do not hesitate to take contact with us.

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